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Why You Need Herbert Newbold Insurance Brokerage
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Proper Protection

  • We will review the corporate group insurance benefit program.
  • We analyze exposure to loss.
  • We develop and help secure the best coverage available.
  • We help select insurance representatives and insurance companies, and prepare specifications as required.
  • We regularly consult with company management on changing market conditions and stability of insurance companie

Better Costs

  • We make certain that the cost of company's insurance is among the most competitive in the market commensurate with good coverage and a stable insurance company.
  • We promote cost control through risk management procedures and recommendations.
  • We promote new procedures for presenting the insurable risk to underwriters for the best rating structure.

Collection of Losses

  • We assist in any questionable or difficult loss situation.
  • We make sure the company understands their rights and duties in any claim situation. We help them to avoid anything to prejudice the loss.
  • We insist on prompt payment of losses.


  • We answer any of company's questions and explain the coverages of risk management procedures recommended.
  • We review all claims reports by company or administrator for duplications of coverage, alternative coverage in the event of catastrophic claim situations, or other risk management procedures as may be warranted to reduce company's risk and control costs.
  • We see the proper documents are furnished on a timely basis by insurance representatives.
  • We will continually review markets to keep company's program the most cost effective as possible.


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