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Herbert H. Newbold CLU, is a 32 year veteran of the Insurance Industry who recently resigned his Managing Directors position at a Major Institution to pay full attention to this Company. Herbert who is better known as Hugh, worked impressively as a salesman for 9 years qualifying for the prestigious MDRT convention on numerous occasions. Herbert was also honored by CALU for outstanding contributions in the advancement of Insurance.



In 1992 Herbert enrolled in the American Colleges Insurance program for overseas students and attained the coveted CLU Designation for the accumulation and preservation of wealth.

In 2006 Herbert entered the ranks of Executive at a major Insurance Carrier and secured many of the Country's major contracts for that Organization.

Herbert quips with a smile when asked why he left his job; it is only natural when you have such a gift that you apply it to your own life and build something that you can call your own. Doing business with only one Company is selling my clients short and limiting my potential.














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